Can you survive the Apocalypse?

When the world ended nobody was ready.
The Zombie hordes overran the major cities before their governments could react. Within days civilization as we knew it was gone. Now only a handful of us are left, trying to survive one day at a time.

You play as one of the lucky ones. After crawling out of your hiding place you find yourself in a hostile enviroment. The walking dead are everywhere and surviving till the end of the day looks tough.


150,000+ Grids of City to explore
500+ Items to Melee and Slaughter with
8,000+ Buildings to Search, Claim & Barricade
Thousands of AI Zombies to Kill, Behead & Squish
Trade with other Humans and avoid hungry Cannibals


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Top 10 Factions

Faction Name Members Score
Protectors 11 177,700
Remnants of Old 1 3,800
fox clan 1 3,600
Masters Rangers 1 2,400
ZSurvivors 1 1,000
Scavengers 2 400
Rebels 12 0
Shovel Worshippers 11 0
Unknown 11 0
Bandon Kingdom 8 0

Top 10 Users

User Name Faction Score
Jaat Protectors 12,767,000
Destifen New World Order 12,467,100
L0n3 Sc0rpi0n Protectors 12,222,000
Havoc Protectors 11,862,100
Solo Of Zombnis New World Order 11,667,100
Tempest537 No Allegiance 11,477,000
Balork No Allegiance 11,377,000
Gimme My Points S.L.F. 11,317,100
Duchess Of Earl Union of One 11,162,000
Angle Protectors 11,077,200